Agenda for a one-day Advanced Zotero Workshop

This is a tentative agenda. The workshop is small and interactive and we can shorten or extend modules as corresponds to participants’ interests and needs. Contact me before the workshop with requests or bring them up at the beginning of the workshop

9:00–9:20 Introduction

  • Introduction and Overview
  • What experiences do you have with Zotero?
  • Requests for additional/alternate topics

9:20–10:50 Import and Organize

  • Installing Zotero

    • Using Zotero Standalone and for Firefox together (setup, advantages)
  • Adding items beyond the URL-bar icon

    • Add multiple items via identifier
    • Importing from bibliographic formats/other software
    • When the magic fails: Handling import problems & manual editing
  • Advanced organization

    • Understanding Collections, recursive collections
    • Working effectively with tags (mass tags, colored tags)
    • Advanced Search and Saved Searches

11:00–12:30 Cite, Upload, & Share (if you want to)

  • Citing with Zotero

    • Citations and Bibliographies via drag&drop
    • The Word Processor plugins
    • ODF-Scan for Google Docs and others.
  • Syncing and the Zotero Website

    • Data and File sync; alternatives for file sync (webDAV, Dropbox)
    • Groups – group types, managing groups, types of groups
    • Using your library on as a public resource

12:30–1:00 Questions/Forum

Lunch Break: 1:00–2:00

2:00–3:15 Zotero plugins

3:20–4:35 Citation Styles